Animal Science and Biotechnology

Biotechnology and animal science are interlinked in a number of ways.

Few of the linkages are as follows:

  1. Precision based dairy farming technology
  2. Novel precision dairy farming technology.
  3. Automatic milking procedure
  4. Data management and decision support system.
  5. Animal health, welfareand reproduction
  6. Precision feeding
  7. Grazing management
  8. Measure socioeconomic impact of precision dairy farming
  9. Milk yield recording systems
  10. Milk component monitoring system
  11. Farm activity monitoring for decision making
  12. Lying and rumination behaviour monitoring
  13. Milk conductivity analysis
  14. Heat detection monitoring system
  15. Animal information technologies
  16. Decision support systems

Biotechnology has now paved the way for newer discoveries starting from the nano level which is augmented nicely by the application of data science. Gone are those days to make decisions based on present situation analysis, Now, farm data analysis can help better prediction for farm growth.

Data science is based on mostly one’s own caliber of interpreting and analyzing data for various purposes. It differs from person to person. It is sometimes crucial to be in years of practice to get the vibe that could turn to predict which data in a farm will be valuable to what extent. Exploring ideas, researching the climatic conditions, experimenting with people’s motivation towards farming and consumption of farm produce could help to find excellent parameters to frame farms’ conditions with the help of machine learning by application of data science. Automatic facets in dairy farming also regulated by machine language that makes farm business more automatic.